Are Farm Share vegetables organic?
Yes, Farm Share provides 100% certified organic vegetables. The vast majority of the vegetables are grown on a 35 acre family farm, Norwich Meadows Farm, in Norwich NY,  (norwichmeadowsfarm.com) that has been certified organic by NOFA (Northeast Organic Farmers Association) for over eleven years. All other vegetables are grown on nearby organic farms.

Are Farm Share vegetables grown locally?
Yes, all Farm Share vegetables and fruit are grown in New York State and brought to you directly from the farms.

How are Farm Share crops delivered to me?
Farm Share delivers crops packed in wax coated boxes to your doorstep in our private delivery vehicles. Our drivers care about the farms and the produce and are trained to handle it with care.

When are deliveries made?
Farm Share deliveries are made weekly during the 22 week Spring/Summer (June-November) season, and approximately once a month during the Winter (November - May) season. In Manhattan, we offer two choices for delivery windows in the Spring/Summer season. In all other delivery areas, and in the Winter Season, we try to deliver during business hours. If you need evening delivery in Manhattan we can usually arrange it.  After the first few weeks, you can expect to receive your box at approximately the same time each delivery, barring extreme traffic or weather delays.

Do I need to be home to receive a delivery?
No. As long as there is a safe place for unattended delivery. But please understand that we want to make sure you receive your box. You should designate a safe place for us to leave it when you sign up, either on a doorstep, in a vestibule that is always open, or with a doorman. If someone else will be accepting it for you, please tell them about the delivery before it arrives so they will definitely accept it.

Do the shares contain heirloom varieties?
Oh yes. Farm Share includes many heirloom variety of vegetables including tomatoes, garlic, greens and potatoes.

Can I suspend deliveries during the season if I go on vacation?
Yes! We are able to suspend your deliveries during vacation weeks with a little advance notice, although payment is for the entire season regardless of missed weeks because our farmers need the funds to buy seed and operate the farms. Most of our members have chosen to donate the weeks they miss to a local food pantry. They are very grateful for the fresh food - we make all the arrangements and deliver the food. Please let us know by Thursday before delivery week if you would like your delivery suspended.

Are your fruits organic as well?
Our fruits are grown according to accepted sustainable practices but are not certified organic. It is very difficult to grow orchard fruits in the Northeast on a small farm 100% organically, but our fruit farmers substitute organic pesticides wherever possible and use farming practices designed to keep the land and water safe and the food healthy. Our main fruit farm, Red Jacket Orchards (redjacketorchards.com), is currently transitioning many fields to organic.

What is the quantity of food in a Spring/Summer share?
The quantity changes some from week to week depending on the weather and the harvest, although generally the veggie shares contain 6-10 different types of vegetables. They are designed to feed 1-2 adults who love vegetables or a family with small children. Vegetarian families or families with 3 or 4 serious appetites for veggies often get two shares per household. Here are two examples of boxes from past years:

One week midsummer contained 4 middle eastern cucumbers, several delicate baby squash, two heads of green leaf lettuce, a bag of asian microgreens, a bunch of spicy garlic scapes, a bunch of white turnips, a bunch of purple beets.

One week in the fall contained several onions, two shallots, a large bunch of carrots, a head of Napa cabbage, 6 huge ripe tomatoes, 3-4 golden potatoes, 3 purple eggplant.

The fruit shares generally contain 1-3 kinds of fruit. Quantities of fruit also change throughout the summer. You might receive cartons with 20 ripe purple plums and 10 delicious peaches one week in summer, then, in the fall – two big bags of juicy apples and a carton with 8 pears.

Can I order just Fruit?
No. Fruit (and eggs) are only available as an add-on to the veggies.

Do you offer half shares?
No, we only offer one size share. In the winter, you can order fewer boxes. 

Can I split my share?
You can split your share with a neighbor or friend, but we only deliver to one address, and you will have to divide the box yourself. But it is possible to change addresses midseason — so that you can receive it at your home first, and then your friend’s for the second half of the season.

What is your refund policy?

When you sign up for the Farm Share CSA delivery, your funds are used immediately to buy seed, repair equipment, and grow the food! You are helping to operate Norwich Meadows farm.

By signing up, you agree to share in the risks of agriculture with the farmers and understand that although the farmers will aim to supply you with an ample quantity of great vegetables, there is no guarantee that any specific crop, or any specific quantity, will be distributed in the CSA share. No refunds will be provided.

Also, please make sure you have checked our delivery areas before ordering a Farm Share box. We are expanding all the time, but we cannot deliver to you unless you live or work within our stated delivery areas in a private home or doorman building, or you can guarantee that someone will be available to accept the delivery. If you are not sure if you fall within our delivery area or if our drop and go system will work for you, please contact us before ordering. Refunds will not be given for orders placed for delivery outside our delivery zones.

I dont live within your delivery area can I receive my share at a pick-up location?
No, we are a home delivery service and do not currently have a pick-up location. 

We are expanding, however, and when we receive lots of interest from an area it helps us decide where to grow next. So even if we don’t currently deliver to your town, please let us know if you are interested, and tell your friends who are interested to contact us as well. We’ll keep your information on file and contact you as soon as we can bring you the goods!